Daily Life in Black and White

This post is a mix of Jiufen, Hsinchu, Taipei, and Lukang. The main thing that these all have in common is my black and white processing. While digital just doesn’t have the same feel as film, it is fun to play with B/W when the situation calls for it.

Above: Taipei Main Station. This is a cliche’d composition, but it always seems to work well.


Above left: Hsinchu scooters – more cliches today. At right is a famous alley in Lukang.

“Old Hsinchu” near the City God Temple.


Above left: Lukang Mazu temple. On the right is some detail from a temple’s wall in Lukang – I think this was at Longshan temple in the city.


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2 responses to “Daily Life in Black and White

  1. Just wanted to say, I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog. Alot of work has gone into it. I’ve recently started a photography course and have set up my blog for my work. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind looking around it and giving me any comments/advice. Many thanks

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