Double Ten Temple Procession

On 10/10, a major part of the Taipei event was a temple procession involving a huge amount of “walking gods” which are very common in temple processions throughout Taiwan. This event was amazingly orderly compared to how these usually go – in other words, fireworks and firecrackers weren’t being set off without warning in the middle of the street.




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3 responses to “Double Ten Temple Procession

  1. ah I saw this on Taiwan’s news…is it normal that these things creep me out? haha

    • I think the giant, walking gods might startle anybody at first. The first time I saw them I was sitting and having dinner with my wife’s (Taiwanese) family. They were accompanied by suoanas, or the really-loud trumpets. That was eerie during my first week at nighttime.

  2. Walking gods… sounds like some of the self-important folks we’ve got strutting around here in New Hampshire… : )

    This is some of the sharpest, most colorful photography I’ve seen– extremely well done, sir!

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