More from Mazu Temple, Jhunan

These shots include the statue from Mazu Temple, which I recently posted about. This statue is apparently the largest in Taiwan of Mazu and is quite an intimidating sight when you first approach the temple. It sits on a platform behind the temple itself – the platform actually acts like a sort of second temple with three levels and rooftop access at the base of the statue.

One of the most beautiful parts is on the second building’s roof. You can see the ornate decorations on the temple and they work beautifully together as they’re so colorful.


These shots of the statue were from the roof at the base of the statue.

This tries to give you an idea of the scale of the statue compared to the very regular-sized temple in front of it. It was a hard shot to take as the dynamic range of the very dark interior mixed with the very bright sunset – try to excuse the mix of over and underexposure in the same photo!

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  1. Amazing– such intricate detail. You did a good job of conveying the scale– yes, not easy to do. The colors in your photos are always extraordinary– well done!

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