Temple Celebration Near Hsinwu

We came across this temple celebration due to backed up traffic on the way back from Hsinwu, where we were visiting Yuling’s grandparents. While I couldn’t stay for long, I was welcomed by the participants as they invited me to get into the midst of things to take photos.


Above right: a spirit medium walks through the streets with weapon in hand. There were many of these – all young men around the ages of 18-25. This is a pretty common occurance at these processions and involves self-flagellation.



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3 responses to “Temple Celebration Near Hsinwu

  1. Extraordinary sequence, Josh. Those self-flagellation devices look very nasty. I think I’ll stick with slapping my own wrist… : ) And that was quite a string of firecrackers!!

  2. Yes, very nice. After living in Taiwan for almost 8 years I come across these celebrations but most are moving the god(s) in vehicles. It is nice to see this one on foot. Your photos give a feeling of both the order and chaos.
    You really need to try to go to one of the Matsu festivals. I was fortunate to go to one of her’s in the city of Beigong in Yulin County. It was wild. I’ll try to post the video on my blog. (I’m still learning how do to this.)
    Thanks for sharing your photos. I’ll click on the follow button and I’ll look forward to seeing more of your photos.

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