Eight Shots at f/8

I have to admit that after a year being in Taiwan that even with the different things going on all around me on a daily basis, I’ve been finding myself getting bored with what I normally shoot. For this reason, I decided to try walking around last weekend with my camera back closed (possible on the D5000), a 35mm lens on, and Aperture mode dialed into f/8. I then took photos that seemed a bit “too normal” – this isn’t some sort of event or street photography outing, but just me seeing what happened. Since the back was closed, I couldn’t review images, so I tried to force myself to think before I shot. Here are eight of the results from that day.



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3 responses to “Eight Shots at f/8

  1. A worthy experiment! I especially like the wired-up sign for some reason… : )

  2. LS

    Great shots, especially the hole-wall!
    I recognized the sculpture in #6, my friend took me to that park on the first day of my trip. I was actually trying to it on G-Maps last month. What street is that park on?

    • The park is on the corner of Xiansheng 9th and Guangming 1st – mostly known as the Guanming District/Restaurant District. I like the area quite a bit and really wish American cities did this well with urban planning.

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