Experimenting in Lightroom

As I mentioned a few days ago, my MacBook went kaput. Thankfully, everything’s backed up and the hard drive is still alive. This did leave me, however, without a photo processing tool. I’ve always used Aperture 3 just because it was the first thing I  tried. While I’d played around with Lightroom, I hadn’t had a chance to use it for my own shots.

I think I might stick with it. It’s much more responsive to Aperture 3, for one thing. Even though it always deals with the huge amount of data in a RAW file, it’s a million times faster on a PC comparable in hardware to my  MacBook. I was also able to experiment with the different settings – which do the same basic stuff – and have some more features.

A few things I was looking for include contrast, color, and sharpness. All went extremely well. Here are three results:

The above was a bit over-saturated for my taste. I’ll keep experimenting with what to do with saturation in the future.

With how poorly Aperture 3 acts on my more-than-decent MacBook, I might just have become a convert…


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2 responses to “Experimenting in Lightroom

  1. I never try Aperture – I tried Lr 2 on my Macbook it was awfully slow hahaha. I think the simplicity of Lr is the key but I find myself handicap at time when I want to do more e.g editing the photos with more tools. Have you tried Photoshops Elements? I think its a alternative with the best price around.

  2. I think you’ll really like Lightroom the more you use it. It has quirks, just like any software, but, IMHO it is a vastly better tool than Aperture.

    Great photos, BTW! I really like the 3rd!

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