Japanese Drum Group, Jhubei

Note: I will not be posting much in the next few weeks as I’m heading back to the US to see my family and to get “married again.” You see, my wife and I were married in Taiwan. My family was unable to make the wedding and my mom would probably kill me if she couldn’t see me get married, so we’re having a second, smaller ceremony in the US. I’ll probably be posting some images from the US – including Ohio and NYC at some point.

Today’s images are from the weekend of 10/10, when a number of drum groups visited Jhubei for an annual drum competition and concert. These shots were taken during the day – others  can be seen from a large concert the night before.


I know very little about this group, other than that they’re from Japan and full of energy. One of my favorite groups to see by far.


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7 responses to “Japanese Drum Group, Jhubei

  1. Nice shots. I agree, every Japanese drum group I have seen has been amazing. Have fun at your wedding, the second one (to the same girl) is always easier!

  2. Eric

    JoshinOhio spin-off site? Travel safely! -EricinTexas

  3. Hey, maybe they could play at the wedding! : )

    Congrats, and have a safe trip.

  4. Congratulations on your second ceremony. Got to keep relatives happy. Are your bride’s parents also going to the U.S. for the ceremony?

    • Thanks. We’re back now and my wife’s parents did indeed visit. They enjoyed themselves though I think there was some definite culture shock – both for them AND me.

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