New York’s Times Square

Traveling back to the US for my “second” wedding last week was great, if not a bit of a culture shock for me. Whether it was driving in a Chevy Suburban (compare that to my 125-cc or 50-cc scooters), experiencing Wal-Mart again (need I say more?), or eating actual “American” cuisine, it was a bit of a change for Yuling and I. We went on a side-trip to New York City about halfway through the trip, where I took the most photos by far. These are from the super-tourist site of Times Square. Even though I had been familiar with the city having been an intern for the city government a few years ago, the “touristy” things were a bit new to me, and I hate to admit, kind of fun.


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6 responses to “New York’s Times Square

  1. New York is so fun to visit. You should try to see one of the musicals if you get a chance!

    • I’ve already done that – it was an off-Broadway show that I saw a few years ago. I refuse to pay the higher prices, though my wife’s family saw Blue Man Group perform.

  2. Nice photos of NYC…but there is alot more to America than the city.


  3. Did you use a tripod to take any of those pictures? They came out great!

    • Thanks! I did not use a tripod, but used trash cans, police barriers, and coffee tables for the shots with longer exposures. In addition, it isn’t too hard to get a lot of light at ISO 400 and a slightly open aperture simply because of the light projected by the advertisements in the square.

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