NYC: Landmarks

These are some semi-touristy shots of landmarks around New York, mostly Lower Manhattan, which is full of history. In addition to Ground Zero and Wall Street, visitors regularly see Battery Park, Trinity Wall Street (not pictured), South Street Seaport, Federal Hall National Memorial, “The Bull,” and a host of other sites centered around New York’s oldest and most historic district.

Federal Hall (above) is the former home of the United States Supreme Court, Congress, and Executive Branch. George Washington was sworn in here and his statue is a focal point for many tourists. I think it’s quite symbolic/fascinating that it faces the Stock Exchange just across the street.

The Helen McAllister at South Street Seaport (above) is a turn of the century tugboat. South Street Seaport was undergoing a huge renovation, something that I didn’t expect from my former lunch spot while interning in New York.


Above left: the Peking, a tall ship from the last days of the age of sail and on the right, the famous Charging Bull.


Above left: the Battery Park memorial to soldiers, sailors, and airmen who lost their lives crossing the Atlantic during World War II and on the right, a statue that needs no introduction.


Above right: the beginnings of the Freedom Tower have sprung out of the ground in recent months. I was quite amazed to see how much progress has been made.


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4 responses to “NYC: Landmarks

  1. Gorgeous photos! I’ll be in NYC for just about 20 hrs because of a layover. If I only have that much time, what do you suggest I see?

    • Thanks! If I were in NYC for a day, I’d probably go to Lower Manhattan during business hours during the morning, take the train up to Chinatown for lunch, and then hit Times Square and Midtown for the evening. The best spots in Lower Manhattan are along Broadway and intersect with Church St. (World Trade Center), Wall Street (self-explanatory), and John Street (South Street Seaport). My favorite (and free) WTC memorial is the St. Paul’s Chapel – the other, newer one requires a free ticket to avoid congestion. Chinatown’s best spot in my opinion is around Bayard and Mott Streets – some great restaurants are there, mostly Hong Kong/Cantonese style. Good luck with your trip and time in NY!


  2. Absolutely superb, Josh, some truly striking shots. I especially like that first one with the George Washington statue– that straight-up angle really gives it a dramatic impact!

    • Thanks! I used to work in the area and would go over there on lunch breaks when bored. I’ve always seen that angle and new I had to get it when I came back to visit.

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