Underground NYC

While I didn’t get much of a chance to delve into street photography as much as I would’ve liked, New York seems to be the de-facto capital in the US for photography. Unfortunately, I was on a pretty tight schedule and didn’t wander around aimlessly with my camera as much as I wanted.

These shots are all at least a little cliched, but were fun to take in the subways. While the Manhattan subway system has “character” (e.g. it smells a lot more than Taipei, Bangkok, Hong Kong, or any other Asian system) I have to forgive it somewhat for being so old and so large.

These are shots taken from Canal Street and Grand Central.

Even though this is a bit too out of focus, I liked it. I think I was trying to focus on the Grand Central sign, but that was a pretty futile/silly attempt.

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  1. PoemLover

    Reblogged this on alexisreader and commented:
    Very cool shot!! love the action-feel to it.

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