Tainan’s Confucius Temple

Last weekend, I visited Tainan, a city in the south known for its arts and cultural scenes. A main center of attraction for tourists is the Confucius Temple, a type of temple that exists in many cities throughout Taiwan and is certainly more minimalist in its style and the activities going on compared to its Taoist counterparts.

While there were crowds at this huge temple, I was able to get some people-free pictures (minus some folks in the first shot, which couldn’t be avoided) and had a beautiful day to get it done. It was a bit challenging when dealing with exposures with light this bright, but I was able to compensate between manual modes, using RAW, and the wonders of Lightroom.

Above: a side building outside of the main complex.

Above: the main building. Notice the simplicity of design and the lack of huge crowds compared to other temples.

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  1. Nice to see one of the “little guys” getting some credit. Love the bonsai trees lining the walk in the first photo. Great shots!

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