Random Recent Shots

These shots are from the past month – as you might see from the lack of updates lately, I haven’t been out much partially due to the cruddy weather. However, with Spring’s arrival, the clear days are increasing as the temperature does too and I’ve been taking more shots this past weekend.

These are from Sinfong and Jhubei.


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9 responses to “Random Recent Shots

  1. I really like them all, but, my favorite is the 5th photo!

  2. Sue

    I wish I had the fifth photo framed and hanging on my wall

  3. Wow! Great images, Josh. I feel like I’ve just had a mini-tour.

    What on earth is that strange machine in the third photo?– looks like it’s got electric fans on either side? Definitely curious about that!

    Good to see you back in action.

    • I guess I was too lazy to write captions :) – that’s actually a food cart. The fans are for cooling the machine while it runs and the other side looks like a steam table or something along those lines. The colorful characters makes up a menu for whatever street food you’d like.

  4. Really cool pictures… I think if I need a change of scenery from London, Taiwan might be the place to go to… It looks so vibrant and fresh..

  5. I think pictures 5 and 7 are cool pics…. Do you know what the characters say in English in picture 5??

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