Walking Over the Fire (Single Shot)

This shot was taken last December, when I attended a very traditional Chinese wedding and took photos of the event after being asked by the couple. I posted one photo after the event, and refrained from posting more without the couple’s permission. I actually was OK to post a few shots all along, but am just now getting around to it months later.

The shot below became my favorite of the event in terms of a sort of “documentary” style. Since I’m no wedding photographer, I was simply trying to capture cultural concepts I didn’t understand – OH, and get pictures for the couple :) What is happening below is the leading of the bride by a “good luck woman,” a woman who must have certain roles and usually comes from a family with many children, a living husband, etc. The bride is walking over a fire on her way into the groom’s house, which offers a sort of purification before she enters.

The day itself was spent running back and forth between the houses of each family as dowries were paid and ceremonies were followed. Many firecrackers went off, and the entire event was a bit fascinating to see first-hand.


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3 responses to “Walking Over the Fire (Single Shot)

  1. Wow I love this. Her dress is beautiful.

    • She actually had about 3 dresses that day. Insane, I know – every time we returned to her parents’ house (multiple times), she had an entirely new outfit. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Great shot, Josh, and a fascinating custom. Hey, this could be a whole new career as a wedding photographer! Of course, you’ll need an asbestos suit for protection against firecrackers… : )

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