In Korea: Streets, Markets, and Daily Life (Korea Post 3)

Minus the snow, many of these aren’t too different than my normal Taiwan photography. All are situated in the varying districts of Seoul.


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7 responses to “In Korea: Streets, Markets, and Daily Life (Korea Post 3)

  1. Nice pics! I hope to revisit South Korea again this year =)

  2. Hey

    Nice blog. Love your pictures. I popped by your blog because I use the same WordPress theme as you (pilcrow). I always liked it, except for two interlinked details. When I watch my blog on a computer screen I always wanted the margin to be narrower and the pictures to be larger. On your blog however I can see your beautiful pictures in large, and the margins are quite narrow. Do you know if there is an easy way I could make these changes to my own blog?

    • Sorry I took so long to respond! I think your comment was caught in my spam folder. Anyway, you can probably find it through Appearance > Themes and make a selection there. When I just took a looks, it appeared that WP has changed how they do this – so I can’t help right this second – let me know if you do/don’t find it, I’m curious now, too but don’t want to go changing something on accident!

    • Here we go: Appearance > Themes > Custom design. I use the dashboard 99% of the time to edit my blog, so that’s how I found the settings in question.

      • Thank you very much. I can see the similarities between my comments and spam comments.

        I guess you have bought the custom design upgrade for your website? I guess that’s what I would have to my self in order to reduce the margins.

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