Experimenting with Film

These shots were taken with a not-so-recently acquired Olympus OM-2S, an excellent SLR from the 80’s. I love the mechanical feel of film cameras (and DSLRs as well, to an extent) but can’t say I love the cost per-click or the hassle known as film. For this reason I find this to be a great learning tool as I have to think about each shot. This roll was started in 2011 and I’m just now posting it – so it shows you the lack of turnaround that makes me thankful that I started on digital!

Above: first shot. Film was ISO 400 Kodak Tmax. I got some more “grit” and problems as they scanned my photos at a pretty low resolution, but oh well.

Above: Flushing, Queens, New York City, USA, December 2011.

Above: United Methodist Church, Wellington, Ohio, USA, 2011.

Above: Crocker Park, Westlake, Ohio, USA, 2011.

Above: Wedding in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, 2011.

Above: Wedding in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, 2011.

Above: Taiwan Streets, 2011-2012.

Above: Taiwan Streets, 2011-2012.

Above: Taiwan market, 2011-2012.

Above: Taiwan park, 2011-2012.

Above: Taiwan drinking water hoses, 2011-2012.

Above: Taiwan temple 2011-2012.


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7 responses to “Experimenting with Film

  1. I really like the image from New York and the drinking water robots from Taiwan. Your post reminds me that I have a toy camera laying around with a roll of Superia 200 that I started several months ago.

  2. As always, your shots are wonderful. But, I’d agree that the cost per click weighs heavily on the mind. Digital gives you much for freedom to experiment — and, and least on a computer display, the film images don’t seem to have to same flair … I think in this age of hi-res and hi-def, film, in general, seems flatter, if that makes sense?

  3. Great photos. That is one thing I forgot about; waiting to see the shots because the roll wasn’t finished. Even more so because you didn’t know if you got the shots or not.

  4. Danny

    Great photos, I recently picked up an Olympus OM-1 and love how it feels and the care I take for each shot. Then going back to digital, everything is so much easier. I havnt tried Tmax film, currently using porta 400 and illford delta 3200 for night shots. It’s fun to switch back and forth, it helps improve digital shots in my opinion.

  5. Vikki

    LOVE your style! It really did speak to me! :)

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