Rainbow Village, Taichung

Brief note: I’ve still been focusing on running and cycling over photography lately. I may be in shape but my camera isn’t being used! I’ll dust it off and get out at some point. I hope! These photos were never posted for some reason. I took them over a year ago in Taichung. 

I’ve never understood most emergent art forms, I have to admit. I’m a bit conservative in terms of what I consider “art.” Performance art and the like usually get dismissed by me as being a bit too far out in left field for me, but I’ll try new things if pushed.

When it comes to painting an entire town, I’m all for it, though. Perhaps the bizarre nature of painting an old village just excites me. This is what “Rainbow Grandpa,” or Huang Yung-fu, a Hong Kongese man who lives in Taichung, Taiwan did. In order to encourage the government to preserve a historic district of Taichung, he painted it.

The day I visited, the small property was overrun by lots of couples, tourists, and people wanting to get pictures, which I completely understand. However, I never got a “wide” shot to my liking, so please check out these images by Siobhan Lumsden of Taipei 543 as well.

Here are my shots, all a bit closer in perspective:


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2 responses to “Rainbow Village, Taichung

  1. guywells@axcesswave.com

    Josh–Good to see new photos from you.  The shots on the Lumsden site do help get a sense of the scope of this.  In the mid-70s, a dorm (“Special Project Residential College”) I ran at Cornell tried to do the same indoors, with some successful murals that still survive, and are now subject to curatorial “conservation.”  Lately, with arthritis and coming winter, I also sometimes feel ready for curatorial conservation.

    Hope all goes well. 



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