Prambanan, Indonesia

Not far from Borobudur is Prambanan, a similarly dated temple complex. Originally, it consisted of 240 temple structures, of which only a few remain. The largest and most important of these is devoted to the Hindu god Shiva, and roughly translates as the “Realm of Shiva.”

Architecturally, I was struck by how similar it is to Angkor Wat, which makes sense as both are Hindu temples. Like Borobudur, it also includes many bas reliefs of significant lore. Most important is probably the Ramayana, a great Hindu epic telling of a king’s daughter who is captured and rescued.





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5 responses to “Prambanan, Indonesia

  1. I’ve been here many times, but your photos do it a justice I never could. Good job!

  2. Halim Santoso

    Prambanan is the largest temple in Indonesia and that’s my favourite destination. :-)
    There are many temples behind Prambanan, like Bubrah temple, Lumbung temple and Sewu temple. Wish you get sunset monent in Boko temple too. Enjoy Indonesia ;-)

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