Bali Odds and Ends

This is the last of what I took in Bali. These are from the limited time I had there, mostly around Nusa Dua. If you venture away from the beach resorts, there is much to see in terms of daily life and culture. I realize much more can be seen elsewhere on the island – I’ll just have to return someday!

Above: a woman prepares offerings for local Hindu statues.


Above: detail of completed offerings.





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4 responses to “Bali Odds and Ends

  1. diana t.

    Look at those vibrant colors! Good job capturing them.

  2. Lulu

    Ubud areas is less touristic than the rest part of Bali. But it depends on your goal: this way the culture is seen better than if images of scenery were shot.

    • We didn’t have time for Ubud :( – I wish we did. Next time I’ll make it there for sure. I tried to experience the culture as much as I could – and it was still possible even in the touristy areas, especially when I got away from the resorts and went toward the villages. It was really worth it.

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