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Makishi Market, Naha – Okinawa Post 4

Makishi Market is located in a central part of Kokusai Dori Market, located in Naha, Okinawa. This market is much like the ones I’ve seen and taken photos at in Taiwan, though it was attached with restaurants that prepared your food and allowed you to eat your fresh fish as sashimi or a cooked dish.

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Revisiting Danshui

Danshui, or 淡水, is a district located north of Taipei on the main MRT train line. It is known for its unique culture and a few famous foods like iron eggs and ah gei, a deep-fried tofu stuffed with noodles and fish paste.

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More Street Food

These are a mix of street food shots from Hsinchu and Jiufen, taken within the past few weeks.

Ba-wan, or Rouyuan – spelled in Chinese as 肉圓 – is a pork meatball popular in Hsinchu. Very tasty, it’s served with a sweet spicy sauce that really makes the dish.

Chou Doufu, or 臭豆腐 – known by its literal English translation as “stinky tofu” certainly lives up to its name. It’s hugely popular in Taiwan – an unfortunate fact if your nose is too sensitive. The taste isn’t nearly as bad – it certainly has a cheesy quality that westerners aren’t used to when it comes to tofu.

Sea-snails – I think the Chinese for this is luo or 螺. Please correct me if I’m wrong! They had a fishy taste to them and weren’t bad with some red tarter sauce.


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Durians Everywhere

Maybe not everywhere, but you get the idea. These have an ubiquitous smell in Taiwan (or any other south Asian country) – much like stinky tofu somehow. Their pungent fruity smell (hard to explain how that connects) is hard to mistake. I have to say that I haven’t tried them, but am willing – just to get the experience checked off in life. I’ve eaten stinky tofu before, so I think I’ll survive.

These were seen in a fruit stand near the Hsinchu Temple Market. I moved in for the picture since I had the 35mm attached, but soon wished I had a telephoto lens for these babies – as there was a pile of cut ones and a woman taking out the meat right next to them.


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Food… and Drink

These are from a mix between Taipei and Jhubei this past weekend. I also shot a little at Yuling’s grandparents’ countryside home just north of Jhubei.

Above: a food stall in Taipei, near Zhongxiao Dunhua station.

…followed by some “expensive American beer.” It’s an import, really!

These sausages were hanging out near a political rally. Food vendors love crowds – you’ll see them swarm festivals, political rallies, and any other kind of get-together.

…and some of them will have some “chou doufu,” or “stinky tofu.” This stuff earns its name – it’s a fermented tofu on a stick that is quite pungent.  People in Taiwan compare it to a good cheese, but I have yet to figure out the similarity.

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Daily Life: The Jhubei Market

These are from yet another visit to Jhubei’s market on Saturday. I’m torn when I visit this place – it’s great with all of the activity, yet so hard to capture due to the huge crowds that visit this place. I end up having to stick with the same perspectives in most cases so I don’t end up getting pushed out of the way!

Oh well, the fact is that I had a productive weekend with photos for a change. More to come soon!



Left: A frying pan salesman shows off his wares. I forgot to account for movement, and he looks like an amputee due to a blurred hand. Whoops.

Right: Frying pans, everywhere. I used black and white because there was very little difference compared to the colored version.

I could’ve lined this shot up better. The man who just hopped off of it seemed super excited that I was taking his food cart’s photo – unfortunately, I was about to get run over by a scooter, so I couldn’t spend more time with the shot.

…a shot “from the hip.” I like this method as it doesn’t draw attention to me. Of course, I get really weird angles. F/8 is a must for this method.

This is one of two fruit store that compete with each other at the opening to the road for the market. Sometimes I wonder how and if this fruit is all sold…

You can see me in the reflection in the larger version.


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Blue Hour in Jhubei

These were taken while on a drive down BoAi Street in Jhubei the other night. This is the “old” part of Jhubei, which can be characterized by crowded, congested, busy streets with all varieties of Taiwanese food permeating the air. It’s great for street photography for obvious reasons!

Unfortunately, I got there a little too late for much street photography, but did get these images before the sun set.

Jhubei Boai St. 2

Jhubei Boai St. 1

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A Busy Sweet Potato Stand

Late/short post today. The weather is finally turning nice, so this makes me incredibly happy. I’m looking forward to a visit to Kenting, though I will not be bringing my camera due to the huge amount of people going to Spring Scream, the largest music festival in Taiwan.

Instead, I’ll just be enjoying my long weekend.

This shot was taken in Hsinchu last weekend. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Sweet Potato Cart, Hsinchu

Since the above was a bit short, I’ve decided to go to the archives for some more street food stalls. Taiwanese street food is amazing stuff – cheap, (sometimes) healthy, and filling.

Hsinchu CNY Market, 6


Street Food, Hsinchu

Jhubei Evening Walk, 5

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Kaohsiung Nightmarkets

These are from our one evening in Kaohsiung at a famous night market in the middle of the city.  I went black and white in some cases to accentuate faces and subjects.


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Hsinchu Morning Market

These were taken yesterday as Yuling and I explored Hsinchu’s main temple market, which takes place early in the day and like the Jhubei market I’ve written about a few times, sells mostly fresh vegetables, meat, fish, and clothing.

We had a “brunch” at our regular meatball stand as usual – though I was thinking of vegetarianism as an option after checking this place out.  If you’re a vegetarian, I apologize :)


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