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Black and White Shots from Daxi and Jiufen

These are oldies, taken in January and September, 2011 while visiting Daxi and Jiufen. They’ll have to make up for the fact that’s been quite a while since I’ve even touched my camera between a few different factors like half marathon training and other hobbies.

Starting off with a shot repeated on this blog. This was taken and posted the first time I visited Daxi.

These are from Daxi:

From Jiufen. I wasn’t paying attention to the gentleman smiling big, so he was out of focus. I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t include it the first time around, but I kind of like the photo, actually.



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Jiufen Streets

These were taken last week while in Jiufen – you’ll notice a lot of food here. Obviously that’s nothing out of the ordinary for Taiwan but one of my favorite snacks seen below is a mix of ground peanuts and ice cream in a wrap. Kind of like PB&J… but with ice cream. Genius.




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Ogon Shrine, Jiufen

In Jiufen atop a mountain that oversees the region below is a shrine built by the Japanese rulers in 1933 who had invested in the area’s mining industry. Ogon Shrine, also known as the Gold Shrine due not to what it’s made from but because of its proximity to the gold mines, is well worth the long steep hike up the trail behind much of the gold mining museum.

The view once you get to the ruins of the shrine itself is spectacular, mixing in the sharp mountains with the ocean below.


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Single Shot: Woman in Jiufen

This woman was at a small shop in Jiufen, a town north of Taipei that is known for its history of gold mining and the Japanese colonialism which brought miners into the village. I’ll be posting some more shots in the next few days from that trip as I get them organized and labeled on Flickr.


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