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Daily Life in Yogyakarta.

Whenever I travel, I try to get an idea of the more mundane aspects of life in the place I’m visiting. Getting away from “touristy” areas (though this is hard sometimes), eating local food, and just observing and interacting with people is sometimes more fun for me as a photographer.

These are from Yogyakarta in central Java.

Above: a Catholic school lets out in a district near the Kraton, or Sultan’s palace.

Above: What seems to be a bulk snack food store in Kotagede, an older section of Yogyakarta.

Above: The “Jogja” (Yogyakarta) skyline in a residential area. Locals told me you can see Mt. Merapi on a clearer day.

Above: Residential neighborhood, Yogyakarta.


Above left: Neighborhood mosque, Yogyakarta. Right: Neighborhood, Yogyakarta.

Above: A busy market near Kotagede, Yogyakarta.

Above: A vendor in Yogyakarta.

Above: A pedicab, or becak in Yogyakarta.


Above left: Maliboro, the main shopping district in Yogyakarta fills at night. Right: Tugu Monument, which sits at a main intersection in Yogyakarta.


Above left: A girl leaves a nearby Islamic school in Kotagede. Right: A sign for what I think is an Islamic school in Kotagede.

Above: Kotagede near the river. Notice the mosque and speakers for prayer on the left. This also shows off the Javanese architecture which can also be seen in structures of other religions.

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Panning Bicycle, BoAi St.

This shot was taken in the older section of Jhubei around the BoAi Street area. I find it more photographically interesting and should really go back there more as there are plenty of distractions unlike the relatively “sterile” newer parts of town.

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Single Shot: Woman in Jiufen

This woman was at a small shop in Jiufen, a town north of Taipei that is known for its history of gold mining and the Japanese colonialism which brought miners into the village. I’ll be posting some more shots in the next few days from that trip as I get them organized and labeled on Flickr.


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Cambodia: Daily Life

Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked to get shots of daily life as street photography during my time in Cambodia. I did get some shots through which I tried to give an idea of the dusty streets, crazy traffic, and general culture shock that anyone experiences after leaving the airport at Phnom Penh.

Above: Phnom Penh foodcart. Taken out of a tuk-tuk.

The above two shots are a side street in Siem Reap.

Vendors on the road to Siem Reap.

Farmer on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Taken out of a moving tuk-tuk, so notice the blurriness on bottom.

Above: garment workers leaving for lunch break near Siem Reap.

…and who can’t forget a Cambodian gas station?! This is usually set up for scooters and tuk-tuks. A regular gas tank was sitting next to it – as in other parts of Asia, people in Cambodia sometimes live out of their places of business. In this case, there was a fully-functioning house behind this gas station.


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Daily Life: The Jhubei Market

These are from yet another visit to Jhubei’s market on Saturday. I’m torn when I visit this place – it’s great with all of the activity, yet so hard to capture due to the huge crowds that visit this place. I end up having to stick with the same perspectives in most cases so I don’t end up getting pushed out of the way!

Oh well, the fact is that I had a productive weekend with photos for a change. More to come soon!



Left: A frying pan salesman shows off his wares. I forgot to account for movement, and he looks like an amputee due to a blurred hand. Whoops.

Right: Frying pans, everywhere. I used black and white because there was very little difference compared to the colored version.

I could’ve lined this shot up better. The man who just hopped off of it seemed super excited that I was taking his food cart’s photo – unfortunately, I was about to get run over by a scooter, so I couldn’t spend more time with the shot.

…a shot “from the hip.” I like this method as it doesn’t draw attention to me. Of course, I get really weird angles. F/8 is a must for this method.

This is one of two fruit store that compete with each other at the opening to the road for the market. Sometimes I wonder how and if this fruit is all sold…

You can see me in the reflection in the larger version.


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Blue Hour in Jhubei

These were taken while on a drive down BoAi Street in Jhubei the other night. This is the “old” part of Jhubei, which can be characterized by crowded, congested, busy streets with all varieties of Taiwanese food permeating the air. It’s great for street photography for obvious reasons!

Unfortunately, I got there a little too late for much street photography, but did get these images before the sun set.

Jhubei Boai St. 2

Jhubei Boai St. 1

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Hsinchu Morning Market

These were taken yesterday as Yuling and I explored Hsinchu’s main temple market, which takes place early in the day and like the Jhubei market I’ve written about a few times, sells mostly fresh vegetables, meat, fish, and clothing.

We had a “brunch” at our regular meatball stand as usual – though I was thinking of vegetarianism as an option after checking this place out.  If you’re a vegetarian, I apologize :)


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Water, Water

These water machines made an interesting subject the other day while I was out walking.  They’re kind of like gas pumps, but for drinking water.  Potable water doesn’t come out of many taps in Asia, so people rely on bottled water (which is very cheap and comes in large amounts) or taps and machines like these which exist for drinking, cleaning, and cooking.

You CAN use tap water to wash dishes and probably would be fine if it were boiled, but I don’t take too many chances, though I’m not convinced I would be wiped out if I forgot to do any of the above :)


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Another Street Photo Outing

These are a mix between the streets of Hsinchu and a market in Jhubei.  I’m getting better at being relaxed about street photography – and find it well-suited to Taiwan.  Most of these were taken with the 35mm.  Check Flickr if you’re curious for more info.


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More from Hong Kong

Last August, I went to Hong Kong with Yuling and posted about it quite a few times.  You can see my previous posts here:

This was taken at a pretty famous temple and I just got around to processing it with an Aperture 3 filter I thought brought out the photo best.  I like how it seems to texture the smoke and tries to capture the mood.


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