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Long(ish) Exposure in Taoyuan County (Single Shot)

This shot is a longer-than-usual exposure, taken while braced against some rocks at 1/3 of a second, an eternity in terms of my usual exposure lengths of at least 1/60 of a second.

For this shot, I stopped all the way down to f/22, which is ridiculously high for me, and switched the ISO down to about 100. This let me get a nice silky feel to the water. Unfortunately, while the day was not overcast, it was cloudy when I took this shot, so I decided to go black and white.

This was taken near a “swimming hole” near Fuxing Township (復興), Taoyuan County, a very rural area of Taiwan – close to the “Xiao Wu Lai” waterfall (小烏來瀑布).


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New York’s Grand Central Station

While I was visiting often-photographed places in New York, I couldn’t have missed Grand Central Terminal. The size of the building is awe-inspiring and it presents a great spot to practice longer exposures as huge amounts of people pass through.

These were a bit challenging for me to post process, as the yellow glow of the room is easy to overdo in the camera. In addition, exposing things evenly is tough as the ceiling has such little light compared to the windows, clocks, or ticket counters.


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New York’s Times Square

Traveling back to the US for my “second” wedding last week was great, if not a bit of a culture shock for me. Whether it was driving in a Chevy Suburban (compare that to my 125-cc or 50-cc scooters), experiencing Wal-Mart again (need I say more?), or eating actual “American” cuisine, it was a bit of a change for Yuling and I. We went on a side-trip to New York City about halfway through the trip, where I took the most photos by far. These are from the super-tourist site of Times Square. Even though I had been familiar with the city having been an intern for the city government a few years ago, the “touristy” things were a bit new to me, and I hate to admit, kind of fun.


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A Blur of Movement

This was taken in a Taipei MRT station which I honestly forget in terms of the location.  I took it at f/8 on the 35mm with an ISO of 200 and a shutter speed as quick as 0.6 of a second.  While that’s not an extremely fast shutter speed, it shows that it wasn’t hanging open long – and the movement certainly shows in this image, especially with the train on the right.

I processed this in Aperture 3 as normal, trying to focus on the contrasts of the peoples’ shadows and the white background.


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Taipei 101 near Sun Yat Sen Memorial

These were taken while visiting the Sun Yat Sen memorial on New Year’s Day.  There were a lot of 100th anniversary celebrations going on including a sizable crowd which showed up for the last changing of the guard for the day.

I’ve taken images of Chang Kai Shek Memorial before too – check them out.

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More of the East Gate

I like the East Gate in Hsinchu City, so much that I’ve featured it on this blog plenty of times.  It occured to me one night that I’ve never taken a night photograph of it, so here it is below.  The first is during a concert, taken with the 35mm f/1.8.  The second is a bit further away, with the 18-55mm VR, which was needed to keep the camera in place while I got these lines.


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Light Trails in Taipei

While I’ll get back to posting more from the Double Ninth Festival soon, I’d like to show off some light trails I captured in Taipei.  I turned some of these to black and white because I thought the contrasts worked well that way.

I’ll have to make sure I have a tripod and black card with me next time I try this.

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Looking Out the Window

I know I’ve posted my apartment view before (see this), but I thought I’d include some recent photos that I took of the same view… plus a few out the other end of the building.  These shots really show the amount of growth in my area, and it’ll be interesting to see how different it is in 1, 5, or 10 years.

The first two are HDR… one looking west and the second is looking east.

…followed by a single exposure looking west.

…and another looking west.  This last one is a bit of an experiment – it’s a mix between a nighttime long exposure (see the previous post) and a single-exposure HDR shot turned black and white.  Let me know what you think.

As always, you can click on these for full image sizes.  The reason I do not have the full size here in the first place is to keep load times on this page fast.  If you want to see the full size, click on the photo and click the magnifying glass above the picture.  If this isn’t big enough, you can click “view all sizes” to choose.

In the course of the next few days, I’ll have a lot to photograph.  You might remember my post at the beginning of Ghost Month.  Well, the month has come to a sort of climax and there are a lot of festivals this weekend – this time that I know of beforehand.  It should be interesting.

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Long Exposures in Taichung

One of the more difficult types of photos to take is the ever cool looking long exposure.  Usually done at night, these are made by setting the Aperture to a high number (my lens goes to f-stop 22) and holding the shutter open on “bulb” mode.  If you hold it too long, and it’s bleached out.  Too little, and it’s too dark.  Oh – and don’t wobble it… most people do this with a tripod and remote trigger.

These photos are some pictures of traffic at dusk using this method.  I was actually very happy with this set because it’s the first time I’ve gotten this moving traffic in this way.  I’m going to have to try more techniques, like the black card – which should let me keep the shutter open longer and get more movement without bleaching things out.


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