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Kenting Spring Scream Preview

It is Day Two of Kenting Spring Scream 2011 and things are going great. Yuling and I are staying in a guest house on the other side of Kenting and going to concerts in the early-mid evening through the night.  These shots are from the first night – I don’t have band names yet because the list is in Chinese.  Lots more to come later!

Spring Scream 2011 Preview, 1

Spring Scream 2011 Preview, 3


Spring Scream 2011 Preview, 10

Spring Scream 2011 Preview, 11 (小山 X the Little)

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NYE Concert, Part 4

This hard rock band was playing during the New Year’s Eve concert in Jhubei and I was pretty impressed by how talented/energetic they were.  This is more of my style of music than the pop that was dominating the night, unfortunately, I haven’t figured out the band’s name… though I’ll take help on that!

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