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Kaohsiung Nightmarkets

These are from our one evening in Kaohsiung at a famous night market in the middle of the city.  I went black and white in some cases to accentuate faces and subjects.


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New Year’s Eve 2010

New Year’s Eve was celebrated in Jhubei just a few feet away from my apartment.  Since it was impossible to miss, I joined in and was pretty impressed with the night’s entertainment.  This week, I’ll be posting some photos of pretty well-known Taiwanese pop stars, though I’ll have to run them by Yuling to make sure I know who/what I’m talking about.

Here are some shots from the night market taking place across the street from the main stage.  I’ll start uploading shots of the actual show tomorrow.


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Street Performers in Tainan

One of the cooler parts about Tainan is its small but healthy arts district.  Around this area at night, you can find local art galleries and people selling their crafts on the street as well as some restaurants that double as art galleries and music stages.  While it could be larger, it is kind of a nice break from everything else and some interesting sights can be seen.

We happened to come across a group of people preparing for a performance on Saturday night.  They ended up becoming human “statues” who moved for people to take pictures after money was placed in their baskets.  I had to get over my ridiculous fear of clowns for this :)


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Another Night Heron

This night heron was taken nearby the recent Meat Ball Festival in Hsinchu City.  It was sitting on top of a decrepit paddle boat in a moat surrounding the castle-like glass museum.

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Birding in Taiwan

Well, my weather predictions for the weekend go to show that I shouldn’t be a meteorologist.  We had a beautiful day today with temperatures in the mid-80s F and plenty of sun.  I decided to go to the traditional market and, finding that it was starting to shut down for the day, went to the riverside that divides Jhubei from Hsinchu.  I’ve taken pictures here before, even having a second post of shots from the same area.

This time, I decided to venture closer to the river itself.  I found a trail used by fishermen who park their scooters nearby and bring waders with them to go fly-fishing.  I set up on a rock that worked as a seat and managed to get a glimpse at a few egrets, which are common in rivers and rice fields here in Taiwan.  I watched this egret get used to me staring at it with the 70-300mm lens and waited for it to get comfortable.  Then it started fishing and gave me a good show:

It would dart back up the rock from time to time – and I’m not sure why.  At least once, it gave me a good display of plumage.  You’ll want to click on this to see it full-size:

In addition to the egret, I was treated to a black-crowned night heron.  I’ve actually seen these in Texas before (as well as egrets) and even previously posted a photo of one.  Of course, that was before getting my nice 70-300mm glass, so I was relying on the fact that the previous bird was probably defending a nearby nest as it was squawking furiously at me.  This one was wasn’t so interested, and didn’t hang around for long.  On the other hand, the egrets were there before and after I had left.

The last shot is actually the first bird I saw today, a Taiwan Bush-Warbler:


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Vampires in the Night

One of the more interesting aspects of the Double-Ninth Parade and Ceremony was the presence of Chinese vampires.  Boys who were about 16-19 dressed up in full face paint and costumes to represent these evil spirits.  In the later ceremony, the ambient light created a sort of eerie glow.  While I wish I had my speedlight with me to stop some of this from blurring, I thought it turned out well.



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Hsinchu HSR Station – Jhubei

Hsinchu HSR Station is in eastern Jhubei, a recent addition to the sprawling developments and a great asset for expats like myself.  It wooshes by at about 155 mph or 244 km/h, so going to cities like Taipei is a breeze, cutting an hour and a half train ride into a third of that time.

I’ve often wondered why we don’t have these in the US with our vast size, and quite honestly, it’s a shame that we don’t have access to something like this.

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Jhubei on the Weekend

The good news is that the weekend was in fact relaxing, and I feel like I’m in enough of  a routine that I’m certainly looking forward to the upcoming week of work.  I recently got a new tripod and just took it out near my apartment on a quick “test” with some night photos… they are below:

Also included are some shots while in Hsinchu today:


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Looking Out the Window

I know I’ve posted my apartment view before (see this), but I thought I’d include some recent photos that I took of the same view… plus a few out the other end of the building.  These shots really show the amount of growth in my area, and it’ll be interesting to see how different it is in 1, 5, or 10 years.

The first two are HDR… one looking west and the second is looking east.

…followed by a single exposure looking west.

…and another looking west.  This last one is a bit of an experiment – it’s a mix between a nighttime long exposure (see the previous post) and a single-exposure HDR shot turned black and white.  Let me know what you think.

As always, you can click on these for full image sizes.  The reason I do not have the full size here in the first place is to keep load times on this page fast.  If you want to see the full size, click on the photo and click the magnifying glass above the picture.  If this isn’t big enough, you can click “view all sizes” to choose.

In the course of the next few days, I’ll have a lot to photograph.  You might remember my post at the beginning of Ghost Month.  Well, the month has come to a sort of climax and there are a lot of festivals this weekend – this time that I know of beforehand.  It should be interesting.

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Jhubei Night Market

While I have already made a post about the ShiDa Night Market, I was recently excited to visit a market here in Jhubei which is obviously easier to get to, still very large, and occurs weekly.  As I said before, night markets are pretty common here in Taiwan, and you can expect some very good food to go along with your visit.

Above, we have some common scenes: crowds and food.  Both of these are huge things to contend with… and when I mean “content with” food, I mean that you have to choose.  One of the choices, below, is known as Chou Dofu, or “Stinky” Tofu (臭豆腐).  臭豆腐 is a form of tofu which is first fermented – so you can imagine it lives up to its name of being “stinky.”  I had the chance to try this in Houston and hated it as mine smelled and TASTED like feet, and was quite apprehensive to try it again here in Taiwan.  I certainly smelled it… Yuling wasn’t fooling me extremely well when she tried to feed it to me as I finished off my barbeque corn.  I told myself, though, that I’d give it another go, grabbed it with my chopsticks… and…

…it wasn’t too bad, actually!  I even like it more than the Taiwanese “kimchi” or cabbage, which goes pretty well with it… if you ever eat it, though, do yourself a favor and DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT read the Wikipedia article on how it’s made before you do.  I thought about this while eating it, and it almost ended very, very poorly. I can at least add this to the pig intestine, duck blood, chicken feet, chicken gizzard, and beef tongue that I’ve had so far… and with the exception of that tofu, I apologize to any vegetarians out there.  Just make sure you hang around the Buddhist monasteries for food if you come to Taiwan… everyone else is a definite carnivore here.

Anyway, on to some more photos…

Again, a reminder: sometimes photos are heavily cropped to make them more interesting – to see this photo, just click on it and you’ll see a larger size in Flickr.

So the above photo is representative of some of the carnival-style games they had.  In the front of the rows, you’ll see some basic items… snacks, soda, whatever.  If you can throw a ring around it, you’ve got it.  Further back?  Beer bottles.  With beer.  A little bit more?  A full bottle of whiskey.  Hmmm.

…gotta love the flavored corn.  I tried my BBQ corn at a different stall, but will be visiting this one in the future.

…and another stall cooking stinky tofu on skewers with cabbage…

…sashimi, anyone?


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