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One Giant Leap

Forgive the clichéd title today. I was digging through my Spring Scream photos and realized I never posted this shot of th e lead singer of TAKAYUKIDAN, or 多火油機團, a Japanese band performing during the second and third nights of the festival in Kenting.

Next week is the Dragon Boat Festival – I hope this week flies by!

Sorry about the pun… I’ll stop now.

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Spring Scream, 4/3: Sea Level 海平面

Sea Level, or 海平面 (hǎi píng miàn), is a Taiwanese band that mixes certain elements of punk, rap, and rock into their songs. They were pretty great to see on stage as the lead singer’s stage presence really took hold.

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Spring Scream: Samurai Attack (SA)

Samurai Attack, or SA, is a Japanese “Oi”-style punk band that formed in the 80’s and still tours extensively today. I had a chance to see them warming up and dropped into their show about halfway through. Though I couldn’t stay long, I got some of my favorite shots with the 35mm f/1.8 and attached an SB-600 to a cable to use sparingly as strobes were going all over the place anyway.

Video first, then photos below.

The personality of the lead singer helped me take one of my favorite concert images ever as he hoisted the mic above the audience to help them take part in the music. The black and white works well for punk bands, and it makes the noise from the high ISO almost acceptable!


Both of the above were taken with the 35mm. As you can imagine, I had great access to the stage and still managed to keep away from the mosh pit! I doubt my camera would like that experience…

The crowd was much larger/thicker than is seen here. While it’s great to show the crowd’s response, it’s sometimes hard without the right angle on the shot or a wide-angle lens.

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Spring Scream Night 2: ONC

This is the first of very many Spring Scream posts as I get photos processed, organized, and uploaded to Flickr.  The first band is a Japanese punk group called ONC. They’ve got an old school punk flavor which I prefer – very much along the lines of Rancid, Black Flag, and some other groups who I’ve always liked.

The first image is a repost from the preview, though it was my favorite. I noticed that my images from this set aren’t as great as they could be for two reasons – first, I was enjoying the show. This group was too fun to take too seriously and everyone was having a great time. Second, I hadn’t yet switched to my 35mm prime f/1.8 lens, which forced me to get up close to the stage. I worked on this the next day and really liked the results.

I originally attached the 70-300, thinking I’d need the distance with the crowds. The nice part about this festival, though was the accessibility – it was easy to move around the stage with the 35mm and the images were much, much clearer.

Before I begin, here’s a link to their Reverbnation page.

I made it a point to not forget the drummer – even though I forgot the bassist in this band! Whoops…

Actually, this should be him above. Something about the lead singer’s haircut is photogenic, though…

In retrospect, the wider angle of the 35 had a lot of advantages I just hadn’t seen until pulling it out of my bag – more on that another time.

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Kenting Spring Scream Preview

It is Day Two of Kenting Spring Scream 2011 and things are going great. Yuling and I are staying in a guest house on the other side of Kenting and going to concerts in the early-mid evening through the night.  These shots are from the first night – I don’t have band names yet because the list is in Chinese.  Lots more to come later!

Spring Scream 2011 Preview, 1

Spring Scream 2011 Preview, 3


Spring Scream 2011 Preview, 10

Spring Scream 2011 Preview, 11 (小山 X the Little)

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F.I.R. (飛兒樂團) in Jhubei (竹北市)

On February 16th, Jhubei City celebrated its Lantern Festival, the traditional ending to Chinese New Year’s.  This is growing as a night in Taiwan and they even included one of Taiwan’s top bands on a Wednesday night.

I’ll start with a music video.  Their style was more pop/rock that I’d seen before, with a very passionate female lead singer.  I was pretty impressed, though she made it hard to capture her without a f/2.8 telephoto lens.  I still managed to get shots of all three band members, which apparently included lead singer Faye (飛兒), guitarist Real (阿沁), and keyboardist (keyTUIRIST?!) Ian.

I’d have to say I enjoy concert photography.  It’s challenging, but worth the effort once you get a nicely lit shot that is sharp and full of action. The best part? Minimal post-processing if your white balance wasn’t acting strangely.  I leveled all of these colors-wise and the only change I made was to the first photo – to remove a woman backstage who was taking iPhone pictures/video.


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NYE Concert, Part 7, 盧廣仲

This is the final post regarding the New Year’s Eve concert from over a week ago, and the final performer didn’t disappoint.  Going on after midnight, 盧廣仲 or Liu Guang Zhong, played a great set that kept me around in the cold.  He is becoming more popular and is set apart from the regular “pop” acts as a quirky singer-songwriter who has pretty impressive guitar skills.

One of his most entertaining songs was “Oh Yeah,” a song I knew at least a few words to :)  Here is the music video:


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NYE Concert, Part 5, Magic Power (魔幻力量)

I’m posting on a Saturday just to get pictures up as I’ll be expecting to be taking a LOT more this weekend.  On top of this, I still have a few hundred backlogged that still need processing as well.

This is another band from New Year’s Eve – called Magic Power, or 魔幻力量.  It’s kind of a mix between some pop/hip-hop/rock and even with the peculiar name, they were pretty good and very popular, appearing near the end of the show.

I am now using decluttr.com to link to images.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Music video of “Who Am I” (我是誰) to start things off.

Magic Power, 魔幻力量, New Year's Eve Jhubei (竹北), 4

Magic Power, 魔幻力量, New Year's Eve Jhubei (竹北), 6

Magic Power, 魔幻力量, New Year's Eve Jhubei (竹北), 5

Magic Power, 魔幻力量, New Year's Eve Jhubei (竹北), 10


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NYE Concert, Part 4

This hard rock band was playing during the New Year’s Eve concert in Jhubei and I was pretty impressed by how talented/energetic they were.  This is more of my style of music than the pop that was dominating the night, unfortunately, I haven’t figured out the band’s name… though I’ll take help on that!

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