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Temple Ornamentation in Sanxia

Taken in Sanxia at the main city temple, these are located on the second floor of the large building, which includes pretty traditional but ornate architectural elements. While it’s similar to most other temples in Taiwan, it’s a bit special in that there just seems to be a bit more. Sanxia is one of my favorite places to visit. I’ve posted about it a few times before.

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Spinning Tops in Sanxia

While visiting Saxia last weekend, I happend across this group of street performers spinning these large, heavy tops on unimaginable things like flagpoles, fishing line, and hats after throwing them on while spinning.  I got some shots a s a large group of people had gathered and they’re below – notice the stylin’ hat as well as the fishing line used.  Also, you’ll notice the first photo as it’s a rare re-use – posted in the first post about Sanxia.  I’d have to say it’s my favorite of the bunch.


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Sanxia, Taipei County

These were taken in Sanxia, Taipei County last weekend – it’s an interesting town with an “old” section of older-style brick buildings nearby a large temple and a bridge.


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