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More Animals

Today I’ll include some more animals, in the case birds.  These were taken while on an excursion in Hsinchu last weekend and I thought I’d include them since it’s been a while since my last bird post in December.

Starting off, we’ve got a common egret, which are found all over Jhubei-Hsinchu, along with different varieties of herons.

I did see what appeared to be a kingfisher and heard its call, but by the time I moved two millimeters the bird was gone. I couldn’t even have dreamed of getting my camera to my eye.

The above egret was hard enough. This was the only shot I got from this angle before it flew across the river.

I also came across the tree that is always full of great sparrows in Hsinchu. Even with their numbers, they’re hard to get photos of because they’re constantly moving around. Mix poor lighting conditions in, and it’s even tougher.

I used the SB-600 on both of the above shots.

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