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Single Shot: Buddha Statue in Bali

Located near a seafood restaurant in southeast Bali, Indonesia.


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Hall of Gods

These are shots of a hall of gods at Dajia Mazu Temple, Taichung County. This room has covered walls on two sides with these colorful statues, which overtake the senses, to say the least.

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A Statue Garden – of Chiang Kai Shek (and ONLY Chiang Kai Shek!)

Over the weekend, I visited a statue garden located at the mausoleum of the Republic of China’s president during the Civil War and the first president during what many will refer to as the “government in exile.”

For me, this site is proof that Taiwan is autonomous. Military police guard the tomb of Chiang Kai Shek regularly as visitors pay their respects to the site known as Cihu Mausoleum, or 慈湖陵寢.

Part of the property includes a museum and a statue garden including many statues of the same man. Apparently, it was required that all schools in Taiwan have the president’s statue until the DPP, or Democratic Progressive Party, came into power. When this rule was overturned, many statues were sent to this property. It gives the place kind of a surreal feeling. The same man – in many different statues…

CKS Mausoleum/Statue Garden 9

CKS Mausoleum/Statue Garden 4

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Temple of the Emperor of the Dark Heaven

On Lotus Pond, near the temples and pagodas I posted about yesterday, is the Temple of the Emperor of the Dark Heaven, a shrine dedicated to a god who in the Taoist religion defeated a snake and turtle and symbolizes the dominance of good over evil.

He’s a fascinating site to behold, and just one of many, many temples and large statues along the lake.


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Stone Farmer, Jhubei

This stone farmer statue is in a Jhubei park along with some others which are probably set up to celebrate the area’s Hakka heritage.  I decided to go black and white on this as well as tonemap it in Photomatix.

In addition, today I have a bunch of shots taken at a performance for the Taiwanese military that I stumbled on in Hsinchu City.  I have a lot more shots coming that were recently just post-processed from as far back as the Double Ninth Festival, so I decided to get these up quickly.


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Po Lin Monastery (Hong Kong Post 5)

This is ACTUALLY the last Hong Kong post… these photos come from Po Lin Monastery, which is located right next to the Tian Tan Buddha.

The monastery was interestingly void of most foreign tourists, as I was the only non-Asian I noticed inside the actual temple complex.  In what I noticed as a Hong Kong fashion for temples, there was a place to grab a bite at a vegetarian restaurant – which I’m guessing is directly connected to the temple as opposed to the Starbucks and Subway less than a kilometer away.

One of the first things I noticed were these GIANT incense sticks.  Yuling actually took one and compared it – they were bigger than her arm… while she doesn’t have huge arms, this is still impressive for an incense stick.  If I remember right, they were for sale for about $35 USD, which makes the following photo NOT cheap for the people who placed these…

As you may/may not have noticed through my photos, I’ve always been intrigued by this temple incense.  It really draws you in to this world that is outside the hustle and bustle of daily life and more focused.  I have visited a lot of temples between here and the US, and I can’t count how many people I’ve accidentally run into who were carrying this around some altar.  Something about it fascinates me as being very similar – but very different – from the Christianity I know.

In addition, they provide the perfect subject for a photographer – something still yet moving… something you can focus on… something that is both not too colorful and full of character.  You’ll see more of these in my blog.


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…and we’re back!

After three days of exploring Hong Kong, Yuling and I are back in Jhubei and quite exhausted. The great thing about not working until the end of this month is that I had today to sleep away – I didn’t get out of bed until about 11:30 – a good 11 or so hours of sleep.

During our three days, we were active during every waking hour – exploring nightmarkets, famous landmarks, and taking in the beautiful view of the city. I do have to say (and this is a good thing) that I prefer Taiwan. A few things work against HK – the fact that it’s so expensive, very Westernized, and sometimes just too touristy.

With that said, I’m glad I made the visit. I’ve at least got it off “the list” and have to say I did enjoy my time. I will be posting my first photo I’ve finished here for now – an HDR of the Tian Tan Giant Buddha, a massive bronze statue, and will be getting the rest of the trip’s photos up in time.


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