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Hakka Teahouse Exterior

This exterior of a Hakka teahouse was taken later in the evening during Chinese New Year as my family visited.  I’ve posted this located before when telling about making tea during my first visit.

I love the location of this place, as it’s on a side-street in an old town.  You get to it by going down an alley near the large temple nearby.

Taken at 35mm, f/8.0, 1/200 shutter speed at ISO 200. I found myself set on f/8 more often with this lens – I love the versatility that setting provides.

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Hakka Teahouse, Beipu

These shots were taken at a teahouse in Beipu where visitors are able to grind their own spices, tea, and nuts into a Hakka-style tea which is eaten with a bowl and spoon… and in my case, crisped rice.  It’s a different take on tea, and it’s interesting to see a culture that has so many different kinds… much like the European/North American beer and wine culture.

…first, we’ve got the unground ingredients, which were placed in the bowl from biggest to smallest…

…followed by the finished product, which might not look appetizing at first.  It WAS tasty, with a sort of nutty “healthy” taste to it – if that makes sense.

I’ll be posting more outdoor shots from Beipu soon…

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